It’s not every day that I have a David Bowie song stuck in my head. But today’s ear worm is “Changes” – specifically the



Three weeks ago we lost our Peanut. Last week we got legally married. Today, I (somewhat preemptively) walked in my department’s commencement convocation. I wore purple crushed velvet from head to ankle. I kid you not. And at one point during the ceremony I gathered my robes, knelt before my diminutive Chairwoman, and smiled awkwardly while she wrangled a purple and gold doctoral hood over my head. A few hours later, R and I went to the MICC to meet with Dr. E again for Bean’s 17 week check up. The baby is thriving, and we are slowly regaining our confidence in prospective parenthood.

Bean’s good health prompted us to close our eyes and push our carefully stacked dominoes into motion. I accepted a job offer in Indianapolis. The home we love will be posted for sale this week. I’ll wrap up my dissertation and then in 10 weeks we will leave the Pacific Northwest and return home (well, near home) for the first time in eighteen years. Three months later, Bean will arrive.

2013 is a blockbuster of a year.