21 weeks

Hello there-

I’ve got less than five minutes to write this post so I’ll be brief. Yesterday we walked into the MICC and the familiar rapid heart rate-sweaty palms-nausea trio returned. We were called back by a chipper sonographer and as she placed the probe on R’s abdomen we could see Bean’s heart pumping away. Sweet relief! One hurdle cleared. I sat on the edge of my seat while the sonographer measured Bean’s head, chest, and abdomen. She was very cheerful and eager to explain all the measurements and point out various little organs and bones and facial features.

Bean measures perfectly for her gestational age, has all her organs and limbs, and a healthy, fully formed heart that was beating strong. We were relieved, and also a bit shocked. We are so used to leaving the doctor’s office (whether the RE or the OB/GYN) with bad news that we immediately defaulted to our usual post-doctor visit routine (gorging on Indian food). Instead of sitting quietly, we raised our mango lassis in a toast. Our baby is healthy and strong. Her mommas, too.

Here are her glamour shots.

blowing kisses

blowing kisses

Shaking her fists

Shaking her fists


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