Graduation Day

Hello friends! We’ve graduated from the fertility clinic! They didn’t give us a cap and gown, but they did give us a stellar status report on the babes. Bean and Peanut are doing great! They are cute little gummy bears, floating around happily in momma’s uterus. We saw both of their hearts beating Baby A (Peanut)  measured 17.8 mm with a heart rate of 178, and Baby B (Bean) measured 19.3 mm with a heart rate of 166.

They are A+ babies, already! Here is a little picture of the buggers. I’m not usually a fan of posting ultrasound photos, but before this appointment I spent a lot of time scouring the web for photos of other people’s 8/9 week ultrasounds so I’d know what to expect…so it only seems fair to help out some other MoMs, too. I think they are cute already!

Peanut (A), Bean (B)

Peanut (A), Bean (B)



7 responses to “Graduation Day

  1. i remember all the scary tactics i was given at having a baby at 38. and that was 23 years ago. no wonder r had such a headache. but there is one thing on bean and peanut’s side…..and that is lots of good prayer and thoughts. we shall be (and are) seeing the most beautiful babies we have ever seen in a few months (well, the second most beautiful babies….

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