Hers & Hers

I’m cooking up a longer post on the curiosities of being a mom/mom duo in the world of pregnancy and childbirth. The square-peg-round-hole effect is most obvious when I’m reviewing hospital and OB clinic websites, or reading pregnancy books from the mid-1990’s, which are clearly written  for mom/dad duos. And by ‘clearly written,’ I mean the books have cute little call outs called “Tips for Dad” that suggest he/I do things like: vacuum the carpets without being asked or do some of the “heavy lifting” around the house.

I have a feeling we are in for a lot of coming out experiences in the next few months. I wonder if I should try to butch it up a little to fit in with the other dads? More details to come! For now I’ll tide you over a photo with a photo that pretty well captures our hers & hers household these days.

Hers & Hers Breakfast of Champions

Hers & Hers Breakfast of Champions


8 responses to “Hers & Hers

  1. I know what you mean! That has been my experience of reading all parenting or pregnancy books (not that we’re pregnant yet, I’m just an overachiever/crazy person). I find it really frustrating. I want a good book about equal parenting! Doesn’t have to be lesbian focused, just about reaching a decent balance between parents!

  2. LOL, it is quite a different experience. I am pretty sure my partner had the same realizations that you are going through right now. She didn’t read the books though, she really left that up to me, so you are one up on that!

    • we have candied ginger. Somehow that is not as appealing as fruity chewy things. 🙂 The green concoction is fresh kale & pineapple juice. One of the few things that sounds appealing to R, though it looks a bit…gross.

      • The ginger is way not as appealing:) But it works wonders. You can find it dipped in dark chocolate which is a superfood, so perfect for a pregnant woman!

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