Tomorrow morning we’re going in for our first ultrasound. We’ll get to see Dr. T under much happier circumstances. She called two weeks ago to check in with us, and we called her back on the 22nd to tell her that we’d undergone IVF and it worked. She squealed with delight. Squealed! So it will be nice to see her. She’ll do the exam and tell us how many babies we have tucked in there. I’m hoping for two. (In eight months I will likely laugh maniacally at that naive admission, no matter the outcome!) R’s hoping for more than zero and less than three. Our friend Emily gave us these beautiful calla lilies. She purposefully chose five so we wouldn’t make too much out of the number.




12 responses to “Anticipation

  1. Lisa was hoping for two with our first ultrasound as well. I was relieved there was only one. Can’t wait to see your update tomorrow. I hope you see 1 or 2. 5 would be awfully scary. 🙂

    • So I sense a theme here. Non-gestational parents hoping for twins, gestational parents relieved to discover a singleton. 🙂

  2. My partner also was A-OK with have two in there, of course, we didn’t do IVF, so it was more genetic playing around and guessing. I was okay with twins but towards the end of my pregnancy, and especially now that’s she 1 and climbing on everything, I am perfectly happy to have ONE.

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