Prime Time

My favorite number is 37.  I like that it’s a prime number comprised of two prime numbers. So what better day for our transfer than 3.7.13 – the trifecta of prime numbers?

We arrived at the clinic and sat nervously in the waiting room, where the other (hetero) couples smiled politely and tried not to stare. The surgical assistant, Patty, called us back and instructed R to put on a hospital gown, hair cover, and shoe covers. She started to hand me one of the pre-sorted stacks of surgical scrubs, hair and shoe covers and realized all the stacks were size 3XL. Guess they don’t have very many lesbian couples coming through! Patty went to the staff changing room and grabbed a small set of scrubs for me, and I tugged them on while R stuffed all our belongings in locker number 3.

Lucky number 3

Lucky number 3

Once we were dressed in sterile clothes, Patty led us into the procedure room and reviewed the process with us. After a few minutes Dr. A came in and made a joke about loading all six embryos into the catheter for transfer. I told him I’d already called TLC to discuss the plans for our reality show’s pilot episode. We shared a giggle and then he opened a little window into the lab and read off R’s date of birth and social security number. In return he received a printed photo of the two highest quality embryos, who looked just perfect to me.

We chatted about the remaining embryos, which may or may not survive until Monday when they could be frozen and stored for future use. While we’d love to have a spare or two, we were just thrilled to have two really strong looking embryos for today’s transfer. After Dr. A answered all our questions he knocked on the little window and a technician reached through it with a long thin catheter. Dr. A threaded the catheter into R’s uterus and gently pushed the two embryos out. It all went so smoothly that we had to be told (twice) the procedure was complete.

Patty and Dr. A left us in the room for about 20 minutes, during which time we congratulated each other and looked forward to two weeks of relatively little medical intervention. We smiled and hugged and marveled at the photo of our strong little Beans. We’ve done everything we can do. Now it’s their turn to work and our turn to rest.


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    • Thanks! No, we are not staying here the whole time; we will return on Monday. R is relaxing today, and can resume normal (well, somewhat normal!) activities tomorrow. 🙂

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