Two Angels

I’m live blogging again today folks. It’s 9:42 and Dr. A said to expect his call before 10.  I’m trying to keep calm, though the coffee may not have been helpful in my pursuit of tranquility. I’m revisiting A Blessing for Waitingand breathing deeply. I’m also taking comfort in this photo of my great grandmother, Hazel.

Great Grandmother, Hazel


The photo is on my side of the bed in my aunt’s guest room. Just in front of it is an angel figurine that somehow managed to survive the Christmas decor round up. In her arms are six apples.


Two Angels

Two Angels

Last night I interpreted the whole scene as a signal that grandmother Hazel is tending our embryos until we can. And when the doctor’s office finally called at 9:57 am, we learned we have six embryos growing. I’ll entrust them to grandmother for safe keeping.


8 responses to “Two Angels

    • Hmmm. Reality TV show…Postdoctoral position…reality tv show…postdoc…tough decision. 🙂 Thanks for the good wishes!

  1. Crying happy tears for you and R’s six embryo’s. Grow little one’s, GROW! Thank you for keeping us in the minute-by-minute loop. I can’t wait to hear all about the next step!!

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