A Visit from Mom

Hello friends. I’m chewing on two longer posts to update you on the baby making enterprise, but for now, let’s talk about something pleasant -moms! Specifically, a visit from mine!

My mother’s first order of business? Getting a new milk frother. Remember my two dollar bliss? Well, it turns out you do get what you pay for. That thing ate through batteries like a puppy through leather shoes. And it worked only intermittently, after much coaxing. I finally took a Sharpie to it and wrote “Mostly broken” across the front. By day two of mom’s visit, this little gem awaited me.


It even came with instructions en Francais. Oh yeah. Big time over here.

On Wednesday she bought the entire week’s groceries and cooked orange cumin black bean chili.

After a long day of meetings on Thursday, I came home to a clean refrigerator. I had forgotten the fridge was supposed to be white.


See how there are no sticky parsley leaves clinging to the shelves? No tarry jam grime? Amazing!

On Sunday she took me out to Cafe Besalu for my favorite pastries, and indulged me in a solid hour in an amazing children’s store.

When she left on Tuesday, she stripped the bed and cleaned her bathroom.

To borrow a page from Mr. T., I pity the fool that stays with us after a visit from mom.


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