My Two Dollar Bliss

R and I visited the gargantuan local Ikea recently. As we navigated the marketplace wares and the grumpy couples arguing over curtain colors I stumbled upon Produkt, a $2 milk frother. I gleefully tossed it in our giant crinkled yellow shopping bag and continued browsing.


$2 of bliss, brought to you by Ikea!

The Produkt does not disappoint. Since bringing it home I haven’t purchased a single coffee shop beverage, which is a cardinal sin in Seattle. This morning I was pretty psyched to tell you all about this, knowing that you too, want cheap bliss. I cheerily concocted my beverage of choice – a strong drip coffee with foamed 1% milk and a few sprinkles of Theo’s sipping chocolate. I took a few photos for you, and settled down into my chair to work on a Projekt (wink). I smiled to myself, happy for my slow and peaceful start to the morning.

And then I promptly knocked over the mug, spilling the entire steaming cup of coffee and milk onto the floor by way of my lap. C’est la vie.


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