It’s been awhile since I have written, and that’s mostly because I have been busy having fun! We returned from a long, relaxing camping trip to Vancouver Island and the Olympic Peninsula. It was a quiet, restorative time and something we needed so desperately. We spent a lot of time swimming and floating in clear blue lakes and lazily reading in the sun. Sometimes we talked and sometimes we sat in silence and watched the birds move through the trees. At some point during the trip I realized that I’ve finally come to a place of acceptance about this journey and my inability to direct it. I feel very calm about the future, and have made peace with uncertainty. It’s a great place to be as we head in to the doctor’s office tomorrow to start the medical machinery for another go round. For now I’m relishing the quiet, and the unknown.


2 responses to “Acceptance

  1. Wow, I’m impressed at your ability to be patient through this crazy process. It sounds like riding waves at the beach, whereas I have a tendency to try to fight them (which dosn’t work terribly well….)

    • Well, I’m only calm in some moments, and the nice thing about the interwebs is I can choose which moments to put on display. 😉

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