Quick update

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted and wanted to jot down a quick update.  Lately I’ve been long on thought and short on time, which is an imbalance that still needs correcting. We’ve spent the last couple of weeks dividing our time between work, play, a fun visit from Mom, and preparing for this month’s attempt at making Bean. I’ve spent the last two weeks in a holding pattern while I waited to find out if I’m headed for east Africa this weekend or not.  The decision was finally made this morning, and I am going, which means I was unable to travel to California with R today for the inseminations. I’ve wrestled with my sadness over missing Bean’s conception, and I thought I was victor until now. It’s hard to have my heart and thoughts in California, my body in the Pacific NW, and the recesses of my mind thinking forward to my field work in Africa next week. But after talking to R I feel good about the chances for this cycle, and happy she is in a warm, sunny place surrounded by family and friends. They have a lot of wonderful things planned for this weekend, and I think it will be just perfect for keeping her mind and body in a healthy and happy place. So, that’s the news for now, friends.


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