It’s a Homemade Christmas, Part 2

Your plucky correspondent is happy to report that the homemade Christmas project is fairing much better this week. I decided to stop stamping like a customs agent at the U.S. border and consult Martha, who gave me the idea for these fetching cards.

We cleaned up the mustard explosion, and continued working in the kitchen. We made spiced hot cocoa mix and white wine tarragon mustard.

I continue to try mastering my sewing machine. Most of the time, it shows me who’s boss.  Making coffee cozies has proved far easier than making fabric covered book marks. I’m off to test the cozies on cups from a major national chain. Bet ya can’t guess which one!


3 responses to “It’s a Homemade Christmas, Part 2

    • YES! We can craft for two on this Friday afternoon? You up for it? I *think* it’s not too late to add the fabric, but probably best to ask someone with some expertise (not me).

  1. Wow, I’m impressed! I’ve done fun homemade gifts in years past and it always feels so wholesome. There’s too much going on for us to do it this year, but maybe I’ll be more inspired by next Christmas. Or I could use some of my upcoming Christmas break to get a jump on next year….

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