Feeling Cloudy

Well friends, it’s looking like another big fat negative. Still waiting on the biological confirmation, but all signs point to the imminent arrival of the monthly visitor (such a nice euphemism, no?). R is so certain that she’s not pregnant that we didn’t even bother with the test today.

We have a phone appointment with Dr. S tomorrow. She has agreed to continue monitoring and prescribing for R, even if we use fresh sperm for home insemination. That is good news, though we feel like there’s something more to the story because she asked us to set aside a half an hour to talk to her, at no charge.

We’ve been trying to keep busy to avoid dwelling on the test and outcome, and so we had a nice weekend that included a long run on a hill overlooking the Sound, a chilly freezing bike ride to the farmer’s market, a silly movie, and brunch with dear friends. As I sit in my warm house full of reminders of the people and places I love, I am grateful and at peace. I’m sure the sadness will come, but it will be buffered by the support of friends and family and the joy of a houseful of guests (21 and counting) on Thanksgiving Day.


6 responses to “Feeling Cloudy

  1. You have been on my mind all day long today. And I can’t think of one thing to say that doesn’t sound trite. I just want a baby for you so very much. Love, sue

    • Well that made me a little teary eyed. Thanks so much for such a sweet note. And I’ve been meaning to wish you a happy birthday all week, so please forgive me for being totally delinquent in celebrating your day! Love, A

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