This TWW is going by sooo slowly. I’m trying not to focus on it too much but that’s hard to do because we always have to think ahead to the next month’s contingency plan. Some months I find it helpful to do little preparatory tasks; in June we bought some baby clothes at a community garage sale, in August we painted the baby’s room a bright tangerine color. Yesterday we spent an inordinate amount of time at the Goodwill (my mother-in-law’s favorite store to visit when she’s in town) and I bought a cute shirt, a onesie, and some pajama pants for the Bean. Today I’m sewing some curtains for her room.

Goodwill finds added to this month's lucky talismans

New curtains for Bean


I guess one could interpret these nesting behaviors as slightly obsessive but I prefer to think of them as mindful uses of my down time during the TWW. I used to spend hours scrutinizing R’s fertility charts and comparing them to other women’s charts, but now I make curtains. I’d call this progress. Fingers crossed!


3 responses to “Progress

    • Thanks friend! Bean has sporty new curtains made from a hip cotton print from Japan. The seams are a bit, um, crooked, but she won’t notice for awhile unless she takes after her other mother.

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