As I wait

As I wait to learn whether The Bean is nestled snugly in her temporary home, I’ve been enjoying a sort of ethereal mental space. Maybe it was all the time spent with my beloved niece and nephew, and viewing things from their sweet, curious perspectives. Maybe it was the visit to the cemetery to see my dear grandfather, which was quickly followed by news of the birth of my friend’s third child. Could have been the relief on my neighbor’s face when her prenatal testing was finally over and she knew she could celebrate her second pregnancy after the very devastating loss of the first. Could have been the sweet video tribute I watched this morning, in which friends are circling around Jennifer Perillo after the sudden death of her husband and honoring her love for him by making and sharing his favorite pie. Maybe it is the combination of all these things, working together to remind me that life has a certain natural rhythm that I can’t disrupt no matter how much I cling to my desperate need to control its course. It’s nice to let go, and let the universe take the reigns for awhile. With my hands free, I think I’ll make a chocolate peanut butter pie.


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