Each month, another piece of the puzzle

We just got back from New York, and our trip was fantastic. I’ll write more about it later because it deserves more time and thought than I can devote right now. On the advice of several ladies on the TTC forum for our cryobank, we took the OPK with us to New York. We just happened to get a positive test on Monday morning, which was so completely perfect because it allowed us to plan for an IUI on Tuesday, which meant our cycle wouldn’t be canceled after all! After much ado (e.g. answering a call from the RE office while I was kayaking on the St. Lawrence River, pleading our case to Delta airline employees after our flight home was canceled and two subsequent flights delayed, arriving home with just enough time to sleep 4 hours before the procedure…) we arrived at the doctor’s office on time at 7:30 am yesterday. While I fumbled with the parking meter R had an ultrasound, about which the sonographer said “there’s not much going on here.” When I arrived in the exam room she was already dressed, which seemed like a bad sign–it was, sort of.

An IVF coordinator came in and sat down to talk to us, and long story short, it turns out that the OPK was very wrong. R had no signs of recent or pending ovulation, which was disappointing on the one hand, and informative on the other. We learned that she is one of many women for whom the OPK just doesn’t work. This means that several of our previous attempts were probably mistimed because we relied heavily on the OPK to direct the insemination timing, though we used other fertility signs as well. In sum, another month has passed, and we’re another piece closer to solving the puzzle.

Dr. S called yesterday and said she’d like to start R on a drug called Femera, which will help regulate her cycles by speeding them up and allowing more eggs to mature. The side effects are minimal, and there is less risk of multiples than the risk associated with the other drug used for ovarian stimulation. After some reading some articles about clinical trials of Femera and consulting with the ladies on the Forum, I think we’re going to go for it. For many women it was the final clue to solving the fertility puzzle. So yeah, I’d like to buy a vowel.


Secret decoder ring:

TTC: trying to conceive

OPK: ovulation predictor kit

IUI: intrauterine insemination

RE: reproductive endocrinologist

IVF: invitro fertilization


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