When two weeks feels like an eternity

Well, here we are on the precipice. In the next day or two we’ll know if The Bean has taken up residence or delayed her debut again. It’s been a LONG two weeks. I think my Bean is trying to teach me to be patient–the first of many lessons to be learned under her instruction. I’ve never been patient. In fact I was born six weeks early (anxious to get started!) and so it’s really no surprise that R said ‘patient’ is the last word she’d use to describe me.

I am trying to be more mindful and in the moment, which is tough for a type A person whose brain is always racing toward the future. I’ve found that being outdoors and in contact with nature really ties me to the present, so I’m trying to do more hiking, running, biking, gardening–anything to overwhelm my senses and quiet my mind. But I’m also learning to see my racing thoughts and yes, even my impatience, as a gift because I think it’s part of what drives and excites me.

Since I’m supposed to be doing school work and not obsessing over R’s temperature charts and fertility signs, I supposed I’ll scoot on back to the task at hand and let the future rest awhile.


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