Lopez Island: Glamping and Bike Tour

Well, it’s June in the Pacific Northwest, and usually that means more of the same. On any given day, if R asks “what’s the weather supposed to be like today?” a vague reply of “50’s and cloudy” generally works. But this weekend, God (or Bono) smiled upon us, granting two beautifully sunny days with a light breeze and temperatures in the mid-seventies. You know what that means…white people in shorts. We donned our spandex with the best of ’em and sailed off to Lopez Island, one of four islands in the San Juan archipelago (the #2 place to go in 2011, if you follow that greatest of travel guides, The New York Times).

The ferry lines are interminable on beautiful and/or summer weekends, so we decided to leave the car at Anacortes and bike onto the island. We don’t (yet) own a backpacking tent or stove, so we booked the “camp nest” at Lopez Island Farm Cottages and Tent Camping (a descriptive yet cumbersome business name). LIFC&TC is a short but hilly 2.6 mile ride from the ferry terminal. The camp nest has a tent, two coolers, shoe storage, a hammock, two chairs, and a table. It’s also the camp site closest to the shelter building that houses the bathrooms and showers, free coffee, microwave, sink, and fireplace. Best of all, inside the camp nest tent there is a double futon bed with sheets, blankets, and pillows. Yes, we were glamping. And since we biked in, I’m not ashamed.

Upon arrival we were greeted by a large bald eagle,  the first of many animals we encountered. There were foraging deer roaming our camp, and we had a great view of a farm where sheep were lazing and grazing. On our 25-mile rides we passed by bison, pigs, goats, cows, horses, and a llama. We basked in the sun, imitating the seals below us. There is something so intoxicating about the alternating patterns of uphill exertion and downhill velocity. The combination of rigorous exercise, unbelievably gorgeous scenery, quiet, and the prominent scents of lavender, pine, and hay made for a perfect weekend.


One response to “Lopez Island: Glamping and Bike Tour

  1. Beautiful! I’m soo glad youhad a great, warm weekend. I’d gladly send you 15 degrees every day. I’m sweltering

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