Martha Stewart makes me want stuff.

My mom left the February edition of Martha Stewart Living at my house. I will ask her to never do this again. Martha Stewart makes me want stuff. Stuff I do not need, like crisp linens, floral arrangements, centerpieces, and lamps. Not only does she makes me want stuff, but she also makes me think I need stuff. Luckily when I say “we should get a new lamp for the living room” R says “what’s wrong with the one we have?” I pout, but then she reminds me that my own mother said that R’s frugality is “the reason you own a nice house in an expensive city.”

But it’s my blog and I’ll dream if I want to.  I’ve made a gallery Martha’s inner sanctums and mine, so you can dream of transformation with me.

Now that I’ve given you a tour of my home’s innards I feel obliged to say that my home is beautiful, tidy, and artfully decorated (of course). It’s the closets and hidden spaces that reveal a lack of attention to detail.

I suppose my linen closet will never rival Martha’s, but in truth I’m not sure I really want it to. I think I prefer messy and real–it signals time spent on things more important than homekeeping (in Stewart speak). I will, however,  make use of her February recipes for chocolate goodness. I’m just waiting to find three more 6-ounce ramekins at the big community yard sale this weekend…


2 responses to “Martha Stewart makes me want stuff.

  1. meant to add that it is a love/hate relationship at times. Truth be told I get it for the fabulous photography. I think they do such a good job.

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