My Perfect Day

Yesterday, I had a perfect day. We woke up to sunshine and partial (rather than complete) cloud cover. R made a breakfast of poached eggs and roasted potatoes and we drank a pot of coffee. Then I got down to the business of playing urban farmer. See photographic evidence. I talked to a dear friend in North Carolina while I worked the soil of my garden. When I was satisfied with my handiwork, we sat outside in the sun and ate leftover pasta (minus the $13 fungi that made it rather disgusting the night before). Then we drove to a beautiful park overlooking the water, and happened upon a street lined with cherry trees in full bloom. We began our 3.5 mile run on that street, running down to the marina, to a beachfront park, and then up a very steep wooded stairway. It was invigorating! For dinner I made English pea soup with white truffle oil and parmesan crisps, and baked sweet potatoes. After dinner we nestled into the couch and watched two episodes of The West Wing. Who could ask for a better day?


One response to “My Perfect Day

  1. It’s a regular showplace! Everything looks fabulous. It sound like it WAS a perfect day. Glad to share it in your blog.

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