We held out as long as we could, and on Saturday (15 DPAI), we POAS with FMU and got a BFN. Dear Reader, the previous sentence is your first lesson in the TTC alphabet. You will find your secret decoder ring at the bottom of this post. As I write, that ho bag AF has not shown her face, but R’s chart shows a significant decline in BBT, and two early pregnancy tests were about as negative as they could be. We were really hopeful that the old “third time’s a charm” adage would apply to us, but it seems doubtful today. Last night we went to the store and bought a nice bottle of wine for a consolation prize.

Our conception bible encourages us to take time to grieve each failed cycle for the loss that it is. Other people probably won’t understand it, but with each leg of this journey that negative test is more devastating. It was only our third cycle, and our doctor said we could expect to try about six times, but since R is young, healthy, and in possession of “textbook anatomy” (according to a sonographer) we thought we might beat those odds. Probably best not to get too cocky.

Bean will arrive too late to donn her mother’s highly flammable 1970’s Santa hat, so we’re taking suggestions for a talisman appropriate for a mid-late January baby. So far I’ve come up with a photo of MLK. Weird?

Secret Decoder Ring:

DPAI: Days post artificial insemination

POAS: Pee on a stick

FMU: First morning urine

BFN: Big fat negative

TTC: Trying to conceive (but you knew that already, right?)

AF: Aunt Flo (you know her)

BBT: Basal body temperature. Checked every morning at the same time, before R moves/talks/eats/drinks.


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